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ROYCE : Pull & Shear Tester

ribbon_pull_mainAccelonix a querido seleccionar la representada Royce Instruments para la solución Pull & Shear Tester ya que provee soluciones de alta calidad.

Los sistemas de Bond Testing de Royce abarca una amplia variedad de aplicaciones incluyendo, "wire bond loop pull testing", "wire bond ball shear testing", "BGA ball shear y pull testing", "die bond shear testing", y "high speed ball shear testing".

Sobre Royce:

Royce Instruments’ equipment continues to be utilized throughout the world by the leading semiconductor and photonics manufacturers, assembly subcontractors, computer manufacturers, aerospace companies, and most of the worlds largest auto and medical electronics device manufacturers.

Royce Instruments takes pride in our support of our customers’ requirements. We have worldwide sales and technical presence in over 30 countries, providing the level of service and support our customers come to expect.

As our customers’ technology and product offerings evolve, we are continuing to expand and develop equipment to meet their needs.

With our leadership and knowledge of our ever expanding markets, our mission is to supply high precision mechanical test and assembly product solutions, which exceed our customers’ performance, quality, and service expectations.


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