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Diagnosys : PinPoint II

Circuit Card Diagnostics - PinPoint

Multi-strategy system for fault finding and testing circuit boards

  • Rapidly identifying the cause of failures in your circuits with:
  • A wide range of diagnostic tools
  • Multi-strategy sequences for maximum test coverage.
  • Reverse engineering of electrical circuits generating complete diagrams; allowing you to test circuits without information
  • A compact and powerful test capability
  • A user friendly environment for rapid introduction

The PinPoint gives you the ability to test and fault-find electronic circuits quickly and reliably.  It enables you to select and apply different test techniques to a single circuit which ensures comprehensive fault coverage giving you full confidence in your circuits. The PinPoint gives you the following capabilities:

  • Passive in-circuit
  • Dynamic digital in-circuit
  • Functional Analog in-circuit
  • Boundary Scan in-circuit
  • Boundary Scan connector (Optional)
  • Advanced Nodal Signatures
  • Functional Analog edge connector
  • Dynamic digital edge connector
  • Cluster test
  • Analog functional with external instruments (Optional)

You select the best no compromise test methods required to rapidly isolate the cause of failures in your circuit ensuring rapid programming, fast turn-around-times and minimising NFF (No Fault Found) scenarios.

The  easy-to-learn and intuitive software allows you to access the full power of the PinPoint so that you can concentrate on testing the circuit and finding the fault – quickly, reliably and confidently.

Test Individual Components and from Edge connectors

The PinPoint system performs tests on individual components using in-circuit test methods and a fixtureless clip technique. These dynamic digital and analog tests prove the correct operation of each device and can also detect open circuit tracks or incorrect, broken or missing passive components on networks. These digital tests can also be applied at the edge connector of a circuit to prove the functionality of the whole circuit.

When used for component level diagnostics PinPoint gets to the heart of a problem, minimising board rework by identifying a fault to the actual component or network, precisely and accurately. To ensure safe in-circuit testing the PinPoint conforms to the stringent requirements of the UK defence standard 00-53.

Advanced Powerful digital and V/I Testing

In addition to the advanced and powerful digital tests, the PinPoint system also utilises a V/I testing technique. This technique applies a sinusoidal signal to a network and learns a four quadrant signature for it. This signature is then stored and used for comparison of the network on other boards giving an instant indication of any error. The results are graphically displayed on the screen. This power-off technique can be applied to any board and is therefore ideal when little or no information is available about the device or networks being tested.

Control PXI and GPIB instrumentation

Extending the capability of the PinPoint system even further is its inherent capability to control PXI and GPIB instrumentation. Having control of these instruments through the user friendly TestVueTM software allows you to create functional analog tests for your circuits.

Instrument Strategizer gives the graphic capability to program and sequence instruments with other code to provide a seamless mixed signal test program. Additional power supplies can also be added to enhance the standard system UUT (Unit Under Test) power supplies for extended test capabilities.

Reverse Engineering

The PinPoint has the ability to reverse engineer a Schematic diagram or Netlist from an unknown circuit. This provides you with the ability to test, diagnose and repair circuits that have been declared obsolete by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and give you protection from obsolescence.

Releasing the Power

At the heart of the PinPoint system is TestVue™ software. Renowned for its ease-of-use this software allows you to release the full power of the hardware through a series of graphical interfaces. Interactive tutorials and manuals in the software ensure you are always supported and never more than a phone call away from help where ever you are in the world. 

Instrumentation Screen


Schematic Generation


    V/I Screen


Return on Investment

The PinPoint system is in use with major defence and commercial customers world wide and has demonstrated excellent returns on investment. This has given you a very brief overview of some key features but we will be happy to discuss the PinPoint in more detail and explore how it can help you.



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