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VJ Electronix : Rayos X Semi automático

Vertex Serie A


VJE's Vertex Series–A is a versatile, all-purpose system with a large (20” x 24”) inspection area and configuration flexibility for manual and automatic X-Ray examination. An On-Board Sample Navigator provides an easy-to-use positioning capability making the Vertex Series – A highly suitable for the production floor and a wide range of applications.

Providing a true 20” x 24” Inspection Area with 100% coverage and all the features needed to perform routine and non-standard examinations, the Vertex Series - A satisfies even the most demanding requirements.

The Vertex series' ergonomic, but flexible, rigid X-Ray platform can be easily adopted to almost any inspection task. As an audit system, it is suited for the production floor to perform sample testing of volume production. It’s programmability features allow automated inspection while some applications allow fully unattended inspections.



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