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DETECTUS : Test EMC y Temperatura

Equipo de analisis de emisión de campos electromagneticos y de temperatura

detectusEarlier emission measurements had to be made by specialists. With the EMC scanner anyone can make a measurement and draw conclusions from the informative and easily interpreted re­ports. You do not even need to have access to a screened room to make the measurements. The software runs in Windows on a standard PC and is intuitive and user-friendly. Since the system is configurable for most modern spectrum analyzers, you can use your own and do not have to purchase a new one.

It's Useful For...

Using the EMC-Scanner during the early stages of design enables you to detect potential emission problems before they become integrated into the product and expensive to correct. If a product has failed a test at a test house, normally you only know which frequency failed. You don’t get to know the location of the source. The EMC-Scanner can help you find the source and repeated measurements while redesigning your product helps you lower the emission levels

Q&A tool
The EMC-Scanner can help you maintain a high quality in the production line. You can make measurements on samples from the production line and easily compare them with a reference. That way you can make sure
that, for example, a change of supplier for a component doesn't affect the emission spectra in a negative way.



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