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TEKNEK : Limpieza PCB por contacto

elastomeroThe machine uses the proven Teknek elastomer contact cleaning rollers and Teknek pre-sheeted adhesive roll, the mostefficient cleaning engine and yield improvement system on the market. The elastomer rollers will lift dry unattachedparticles down to 1 micron in size and then transfer them to the pre-sheeted reverse wound adhesive roll.When the Teknek adhesive is full of contamination a layer is easily removed and the roll is refreshed.
*The operator has full access to both the Elastomer CleaningRollers and the Pre-Sheeted Adhesive Roll. This featureensures the Surface Mount Clean Machine is fully integratedinto the line.
*The machine supports the board at the edge throughout thecleaning process. This industry standard way of transportingthe board through the machine allows for any width of boardto be processed.
*Easy to use multi lingual control panel is the interfacebetween the operator and the machine. The ability toprogramme the system for different boards makes for fastchange over, reducing down time.
*Communication can be made betweenall machines within the surface mount line. Start / Stop,Talk / Listen and speed control can be achieved throughthis connection.
*unique spindle system allows the operator to replace thePre-Sheeted Adhesive Roll without the use of tools. This fastand efficient way of changing the roll reduces down time onthe line.


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