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REHM : Hornos Reflow

Reflow Convection Soldering

Consistently well designed technology and outstanding workmanship are standard features with our convection reflow soldering equipment. These future oriented systems provide reliable, reproducible soldering results. Customer-specific process requirements and optimized manufacturing technology are implemented in an ideal fashion along with corresponding economic requirements. And the systems are available for operation with either an air or a nitrogen atmosphere. The use of forced convection for adequate air circulation assures optimized process reliability. The use of a nitrogen atmosphere for reflow soldering increases process reliability, and integrated residue management systems allow for environmentally friendly disposal of contamination, and increase system productivity as well.


Reflow Condensation Soldering
Simply. More. Technique.
In fact, Condenso from Rehm Thermal Systems is a state-of-the-art condensation reflow soldering solution. Addressing the complex demands of lead-free solder alloys for PCBs with a large thermal mass, Condenso will solder your most difficult PCBs quickly, void free and reliably for maximum return on investment.

Top quality soldering results without compromise

Condenso brings major design advantages over traditional vapor phase soldering systems, making it the first choice for top quality soldering results.

Performance: Vapor in condensation soldering provides extremely effective heat transfer, while also keeping the temperature of the medium constant. The specific boiling point limits the system’s maximum soldering temperature, preventing overheating and guaranteeing a repeatable performance you can trust. The addition of Vacuum will secure a void free soldering connection.

Reliability: Vaporizing a defined quantity of inert gas during reflow, the system ensures precision temperature profiling to eliminate the potential for component damage. Maximum profile flexibility can be achieved utilizing Condenso’s precision medium injection timing and quantity control, and even its exhaust. Your profiling possibilities are almost limitless.

Value: Horizontal PCB transportation ensures that components cannot be shifted out of place during soldering, reducing scrap rates and enhancing long-term cost-of-ownership. “On-demand” operation enables the system to idle when not in use, and requires just a momentary warm-up cycle before production resumes. This results in lower power and fluid consumption than that of systems which run continuously throughout production shifts.

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